M.G. Simister & Son Ltd

M.G. Simister & Son Ltd

Established in 1930, we are an Agricultural Merchant based in Ellastone, serving Farmers and Small Holders throughout Derbyshire and Staffordshire. We offer free deliveries to our customers.

Specialists in:

  • Animal Health
  • Dairy Hygiene
  • Dairy Spares Stockists
  • Minerals, Himalayan Rock Salt and Cubicle Care(Lime)
  • Cattle, Sheep and Pig Ear Tags
  • Agronomy
  • Silage Clamp Protection
  • Bale Net and Wrap
  • General Sundries

If you want to send us an order out of hours please email it to: [email protected]

M.G. Simister & Son Ltd

UFAS MERCHANT No: 765 exp 31/08/2024 BASIS, NROSO, BETA, FACT and AMTRA Registered.
Company Reg. No: 5899715

Local Representative and Animal Health Advisors:

Robert J Simister (Director)
Tel: 07802 337 887

Animal Health Advisors
Edward Simister (Director)
Ann Hardie
01335 324416

Dairy Spares

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